At the heart of CCFGiving’s mission is the desire to create a legacy of giving in the Catholic Church.

By utilizing the power of Donor-Advised Funds, individuals are able to choose which charities their gifts will impact. Thanks to CCFGiving, donors can trust that their gifts are going to organizations that align with Catholic values. We are meticulous in ensuring that all charities supported by the fund are deeply consistent with the values and teachings of the Catholic Church.

What’s more, every dollar you give to your donor-advised fund will be managed and grown by the Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors. Think of it like your own nest egg, just for charities instead of your own retirement. Our funds are designed for every level of giver, from young families to seasoned philanthropists. CCFGiving is a community of givers, one that will plant seeds for the next generation through the fruits of their generosity as well as the wise financial example they set of learning how to most effectively give to causes they believe in.

Leadership and Board

Dennis J. Gerber, Jr.
Jeremy Paff, Treasurer
Eric Nowoslawski
Sean Fieler, Chairman
Daniel Schreck, Secretary
Andrew Abela
Brian R. Appleton
Richard West

Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors

CCFGiving is proud to partner with the Knights of Columbus as asset advisors for donor-advised funds.

The Knights have decades of experience with investments and provide the trusted and proven support donors should expect from their donor-advised fund.

Long known for their fidelity to Catholic teachings, the Knights of Columbus research organizations to make certain that donations are only made to organizations that uphold Catholic values. When you make a donation through CCFGiving, you know for certain that your money is going to worthy causes.