Your tool for helping clients receive the maximum tax deduction for their charitable giving.

Encourage your clients to give more effectively by recommending CCFGiving for their donor-advised fund.

Your clients will not only increase their capacity to give, they will also potentially eliminate capital gains taxes. They will create a legacy they can be proud of and you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your client relationship.

Show your value by offering a philanthropic option they can trust.


We do the legwork, you’ll see the fruits of an increased donor pool.

Apply to be listed among our CCFGiving approved list of charities. We want to offer your organization:

  • Increased visibility for your organization as CCFGiving promotes your charity to potential donors.
  • A wide variety of donation types – including illiquid assets – that will make a substantial impact on your bottom line.
  • The opportunity for recurring donations that will increase your numbers and cut down on your administrative needs.

Are you ready to start your own DAF?